The Technological Challenge
of Cannabinoid Delivery

The coveted potential benefits of cannabinoid-based therapeutics are considered a scientifically-validated fact, exhibiting therapeutic efficacy in various medical conditions. However, utilizing cannabinoids for standardized Medical products and administrations is not trivial due to their Physico-chemical properties.


Cannabinoid molecules are lipophilic, exhibit poor water solubility, and are subject to extensive degradation in the liver. This is also known as the first-pass effect, which results in reduced oral bioavailability for many ingestible cannabinoid compounds.


Low bioavailability not only reduces the extent of absorption, thereby requiring larger doses to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, but it also makes the administration unpredictable, inconsistent, and raises both clinical and safety-related issues. 


To increase and control the absorption, the physical form of the cannabinoids must be altered to become solubilized in aqueous environments like the gastrointestinal tract (GI) and mucous membranes, where they are able to pass and enter into the bloodstream.

What’s in it for manufacturers?

Expand your
product portfolio

PNL® can be used as a base in a range of delivery systems including soft gel capsules, chewable tablets, nasal sprays, sustained-release capsules and more.

Maintain current
production protocols

PNL® can be integrated into standard production protocols and techniques in place of MCT.

Offer your clients a
premium product

Optimize cannabinoid product benefits for your customer by transitioning to a delivery system with enhanced absorption properties.

PNL is a lipid-based Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) for improving the oral bioavailability (absorption) of various lipophilic active ingredients.

To resolve the challenges tied to prior drug delivery systems, Prof. Abraham Domb and Prof. Amnon Hoffman developed Advanced PNL, a preconcentrate composed of an isotropic mixture of active compounds PNL and piperine, combined with lipids, surfactants, and a cosolvent (all GRAS status), administered orally in a soft gelatin capsule.

When reaching the aqueous gastrointestinal (GI) tract phase, the capsule content spontaneously forms cannabinoid-encapsulated nanoparticles (50 nm), increasing solubility and reducing the first-pass effect of the lipophilic active compounds.


AdvancedPNL synergistically combines piperine (an alkaloid present in black pepper) and PNL to impact the different absorption (and metabolism) barriers, thereby adding to the bioavailability enhancement properties of the PNL-based capsules.”


Our preliminary studies have shown that adding piperine to the compound provides increased CBD and THC absorption rates and maintains medical consistency in terms of dosage and effect after consecutive administrations.


Pre-Clinical & Clinical studies

Over six years of development, extensive preclinical and clinical studies centered around the application of cannabinoids Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) yielded six different scientific publications and hundreds of citations. All results confirmed the remarkable potential of advanced PNL’s formulation and its future as the superior platform for a new generation of cannabinoid-based products.


If you would like to learn more, we would be glad to share our publications  about advanced PNL’s pre-clinical and clinical published research study highlights.


Want to learn more & download studies?

The PNL delivery system contains only non-GMO ingredients

Safety & transparency – disclosure of CoA & GMP manufacturing facility

High bioavailability – up to 7.5X greater than standard products

Rapid onset – Advanced PNL features a record onset time of 20 min

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